System KAN-therm ultraLINE - Timeless Quality and an Even Longer Guarantee

System KAN-therm ultraLINE - Timeless Quality and an Even Longer Guarantee

In the era of sustainable development, paying more and more attention to the functionality and comfort of space consumption, installers, investors and leasers care about the proper operation of heating and plumbing systems.

Professional system installation complied with construction regulations as well as commissioning is one thing. But the guarantee provided by the manufacturer is also extremely important for everyone. All KAN solutions come with standard 10-year guarantee. 

Longer guarantee, greater safety
System KAN-therm ultraLINE is multi-use and multifunctionality that result from the application of different pipe types, such as PERTAL2 with aluminium layer, PEXC and PERT2 with EVOH layer, as well as of the same design fittings made from brass and PPSU and a sliding sleeve made of PVDF plastic. 

O-ringless fitting design and a symmetrical sliding sleeve ensure high system resistance to assembly errors as well as to the material ageing process during the operation of the installation. PERTAL2 pipes with aluminum layer, PEXC and PERT2 with EVOH layer are characterized by high mechanical strength due to the high quality of polyethylene.  As a result, the system is characterised by a high level of installation and operational safety, as well as durability.

In case of using system KAN-therm ultraLINE for heating, cooling or water supply in a single-family (non-commerciall) houses, one can get an extended guarantee period of up to 15 years (Poland only). One of the guarantee conditions is that the system are to be installed by a qualified specialist.

In addition to the guarantee, confidence in the installation materials is an important aspect. All KAN-therm ultraLINE elements have necessary certificates and approvals that ensure the product has been manufactured in accordance with all requirements.

Choice of installation method

System KAN-therm ultraLINE can be used successfully to install tee or manifold heating systems. Compared to a manifold system, a tee installation is a more economical solution because fewer pipes are used. In its turn, a manifold system is similar to the surface heating system. It allows radiators to be connected separately to a manifold located behind the heat source. This installation type allows to get rid of any fittings in the floor layer and also reduces the owner's concerns about possible failures. This entails using more pipes while reducing the number of fittings.

Find more detailed information about the system in The SYSTEM KAN-therm Designer and Constructor Guidebook.

Pure water with immutable taste

One of the most important aspects of using KAN-therm ultraLINE system is its neutrality towards liquids carried through the pipe. This is particularly crucial for water supply systems. All system components are hygienically certified to have no impact on drinking water. The smooth inner surface of the pipes and fittings leaves no room for limescale and dirt to build up, which contributes to good water quality.

We have been delivering high quality products and solutions that are used in heating, cooling, water supply and industrial installations for more than 30 years.
At the same time proper installation and operation ensure longer service life of KAN-therm systems.

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